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Get a WP Expert to improve your WordPress’s CRO, SEO, Content Architecture, Commercial Copy, Web Psychology, A/B Testing, Analytics Reporting and Data Driven Strategy.

  • 50+ WP websites
  • 12+ years of top industry experience

Book 1 WP Micro-consulting Hour

Micro-consulting is about those important big picture conversations, game changing ideas that come from transposing one effective strategy into a new market niche, its also about those WordPress tweaks and new features that can be solved in one hour, or can be partitioned in hourly time slots.  You will get a free 20 minute pre-asessment to also gauge if I am the right kind of WP support for you and if possible, where to add the most value for your investment.

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Hire a WordPress Expert by the Hour

Juan is a Guatemala Based Online Marketing and Management Professional and a WP Expert with hands-on experience in every process of Online Marketing Management: Research, Design, Strategic Planning, UX, CRO, SEO, SEM, WordPress Development, Lead Generation, UX Research, SMMkt, SMMgt and Content Creation, Automations, project/team management, Analysis and Reporting.

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What can You Get in a 1 Hour WP Micro-Consultancy?

This is you being cool and smart because you hired a WP Microconsulting hour.

One of the most common uses are specific changes and problems you need to solve ASAP on your site. In this regard the WP micro-consultancy starts by you explaining your specific needs. But a micro-consultancy is so much more! It also incorporates the use of my 13 years of experience to see how I can best give you advice and development work.

Understand where your WordPress is at

The first session is always a diagnostic session, where I evaluate your current WP installation, general goals and strategies. I asses and provide specific council where it will ad more value. If its a specific thing that can be solved within this first hour, then we go ahead and get it done!

Adding Basic Security

If you would like, there is a free opt-in Security Assessment. Again, if there are critical things we can resolve then and there, we do so!

Visualize and build exactly what you need.

Visualize what you want to build with out fear, and I will help you get there. .

Improve your Conversion Rate

A general assessment on what is needed to measure and increase your conversions.

Know-how and Experience

Get the value of extensive experience and know-how in your game plan. Priceless if you ask my ego. But certainly a bargain for $40/Hour

WordPress Performance Assessment

See what important changes you can do to make your WordPress offer a faster experience for your users.

Laser Targeted Advice

Make your WP development process a smart, rewarding and effective one by investing an hour on finding useful insights from 13 years of WP experience.

A Road Map

If what you require is more than an hour, thats fine. The general focus of our time would be to outline a development plan, that you can choose to develop with me or some one else.

Why wait? Put on your WordPress hat and let’s do it!

Book 1 Hour of Micro Consulting and get free 20 minute pre-assessment for free on your first purchase!

a personal guide to wp

I’ve made over 50 professional WP websites, that have served over 5,000,000 people and collaborated in projects that have affected billions of people using WordPress. I LOVE sharing my WORDPRESS knowledge and help new WP users build great, safe and smart websites and apps.

Use my 14 years experience to get it done.

Its about $40 for a fun and productive hour helping you mold your WordPress installation to your linking 🙂

Why WP Micro Consulting?

Make your website do and look exactly as you want it to.

Create an app version of your website for IOS and Android.

Bounce off and polish WP development ideas to obtain a clearer, simpler solution.

Learn quick ways of implementing custom UI’s for your users.

Master the SEO, SEM, SMM and CRO for WordPress

Get insightful recommendations from over 14 years worth of WP development experience.

Juan has worked, learned from and helped micro, small and medium sized businesses, great startups and fast-growing companies.

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¿What are people saying about Juan?

” Juan Francisco is definitely an asset to our company and team player. He has great understanding of the business as well as a great strategic sense. He builds tremendous relationships with clients and most importantly works with the team to always deliver great quality products on time while exceeding expectations. Great experience working with him as well.”

” …JF is an outstanding bright mind. Working with him is really enriching. He has a native understanding of business, and his insights are the best ingredient for any brainstorm. He’s also very organized and dedicated. A great person to work with.…”

” …I managed Juan for 7 months at HealthCare.com. He has a desire to dive deep into insights and constantly explore new strategies, processes and even ways of doing business. He combines an analytical approach with his background in psychology – both important traits in an optimizer!…”

“…Juan Francisco has always shown great initiative and a demonstrated interest in the business applications that each project may have, qualities that are reinforced by his technological knowledge and learning capacity…”

” …Talented and empathetic. Juan Francisco is a professional with extensive knowledge and experience in the creation and optimization of digital content. He has a record of activity with several inspiring successes and always accompanied by an entrepreneurial and executing spirit…”

” …JF Aguilar is a professional in Media, Web & Computer programing…”

Juan Francisco is a very creative and analytic mind. He is ready for any challenge and always great to work with. I am happy to highly recommend him for whatever job or project – as his intelligence and dedication will allow him to succeed!

Juan Francisco Aguilar is bright, proactive and very honorable. I am certain that he is a person who is extremely capable of doing an excellent job at any task that he is motivated & determined to complete. Juan is especially gifted at research, and is sensitive to others.

Juan Francisco is an excellent person, honest and accomplished. I recommend it for the compliance and quality of any work it performs. others.

Juan Francisco is an excellent person, honest and accomplished. I recommend him because of the compliance and quality of any work he performs.

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